What to expect from a lifestyle newborn session

Newborn Baby
Newborn Baby

As a Katy Texas family and newborn photographer I often get asked what to expect from a lifestyle newborn session. Some clients are scheduling their first session, others have had one for a sibling in the past. While each session is different it is always good to have an understanding of what to expect.

Before I arrive

I don’t want you to worry about the house being tidy or clean for me arriving. Once I am in your home I will look around and decide where is the best place for light, and if need be we can clear some space. I will probably look first at the Master Bedroom, the Nursery and the Living room, but please do not stress about this, you have just had a baby. I understand how chaotic things are.


I have no expectations on how siblings should act, they have just had their life turned upside down, so we will work on their terms. If they don’t want to wear what you have laid out for them, don’t worry – we can work with what they are happy with. They want to play or have a snack, no problem. We will do what works for them.

What to wear during your lifestyle newborn session

Mom I would suggest that you wear something comfortable, this session is to document your family in your home. No need to dress up, and you definitely don’t have to squeeze into anything. Be comfortable. Dad doesn’t have to wear a shirt, a t-shirt or hoodie and jeans is great. For baby I would suggest whatever you love, I would suggest some in a light vest or onesie – but keep those toes on show!

The Lifestyle Newborn Session

Each session is unique and the main aim is to document the connection between your family members. I want the session to feel like a cosy Sunday morning. There are some shots that we will try to get while ensuring baby and siblings are happy. Whole family together, baby alone, baby with each family member. The order of these shots will depend on how everyone is, and we have plenty time for breaks. Baby needs fed, changed, sibling wants to do something else, it’s no problem. We just adjust the order of the shots or take a break altogether.


What I bring to your home is minimal, my camera and a few lenses. I do not take beanbags or wraps. If you have something you would like baby photographed in we can do that, gift from Grandma, knitting from a great aunt no problem we can incorporate in the shoot. But I won’t force any poses on your baby, I will photograph them on your bed, in their crib etc. not on a posing bag.


I hope that has helped answer some of your questions regarding what to expect from a lifestyle newborn session. If you are considering a outdoor family session you may want to look at my blog article Where to have your Katy TX family session .

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