8 Business Apps I use everyday!

When I started my business I did lots of research into which apps help you be most productive! I have since narrowed them down to the ones that I find most helpful! Here are the 8 Business Apps I use everyday!

Lightroom / Photoshop

Most Photographers will use one or both of these. They are great on the laptop and lightroom is quite good on my iPhone as well. I use them lots for editing!


Later is an amazing app that means I can schedule all of my social media in advance, I pay a subscription because it means I can post more in advance. It works great with Instagram and Facebook! If you would like to try it and want to use my referral code you would get an extra 10 free posts a month Click here to try it


I use Facebook to promote my business and for fun! I love keeping up with friends that live all over the world!


Instagram is fun, and just became more fun with the addition of Reels! I am still figuring these out – but I like them. I did start with Tik Tok but now that Instagram has Reels I am out!

Instagram grid


This is where I built my website, it is super easy to edit and keep up-to-date. And it links into a great blog – wordpress. My google performance has seriously improved since I moved to Showit.

Showit website


Canva is a great tool for making social media posts look pretty, it has templates for everything and even my daughter loves to make posters etc. on it.

Canva post

Sprout Studio

Sprout Studio is my CRM and it keeps me organised. If you have or ever do book a session with me this is what I use to communicate with you. It has all my emails, contacts, galleries etc. And also email marketing. If you would like to try it – Try Sprout Studio

Square Up

This is where any payments I receive are processed though. It makes it easy to track, and the rates are competitive. Square up


There are so many apps and programmes on the market now, these are just the round up of the 8 business apps I use everyday. I would love to hear what you use!

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