Things to do in Fulshear

Family Walking In Fulshear

My Top 9 Things to do in Fulshear!

  1. Fulshear Farmers Market, this has to be top priority. Local business (my fav), lovely treats and fun all round! It is on every Saturday 9am-1pm, and you can find out loads more here.
  2. How much fun is riding a bike? Well, the answer probably depends on the bike! So why not try a new kind and visit Pedego Electric Bikes. You can hire or buy an electric bike that will take the sting out of long trips. You can find more information here. They are based near Humble Ground (see below), so you can combine two things from this list in one trip.
  3. Revive Yoga Retreat sounds so blissful, I cannot wait to try it! It is a home based yoga studio that specialises in small group classes or one-on-one tuition. Contact Tiffany or check out her website for more information, link is here.
  4. Fulshear Bend Pocket Park. This is a fun park for kids to play in, it has some challenging equipment for kids to keep them busy. It however, does not have any restrooms. So be warned!
  5. Catchers University Baseball. They provide one on one lessons to kids and adults to help them progress their baseball and softball skills! They hold themselves accountable for the improvement of the players. You can find out more information on their website.
  6. Gracie Barra Fulshear, Self Defence Classes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They have classes for all ages, and it looks a lot of fun while getting in some exercise, and learning life skills.
  7. Rose Therapeutic Farm and Goat Yoga! This place looks amazing!! You can do yoga with goats, and they do camps for kids. The kids get to work on the farm while they are at the camp! How much fun! Find more details here.
  8. Humble Grounds is an awesome coffee shop close to Cross Creek Ranch. They serve amazing treats and coffee flights! A must try!
  9. Cross Creek Ranch. I may be bias as I live in Cross Creek, but I think it deserves mentioning! Although this is a housing estate it has some beautiful lakes, walks and a small cafe. The Italian Maid Cafe, it serves treat, meals and has live music on a Friday evening!

I hope that this gives you some ideas for what to do in Fulshear, I would love to hear if you try any of them. Connect with me on Instagram and tag me in any photos! Instagram

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