How to capture Halloween photos

Let’s keep it simple because during Halloween all you want to do is have fun with your kids and be present in the moment. So here are a few tips on how to capture halloween photos but also enjoy the night!

Tips on how to capture halloween photos

  1. Plan – So ideally have a trial run the night before Halloween. Get all the costumes on and practice the face paint. Then get the kids outside to take some photos of them! This will mean no one will be as rushed. You will also know if you have missed anything vital from the costumes.
  2. Use daylight when you can. If you can get them ready the night before when it is still light take the photos of them in their costumes. You will see them better in the daylight and it will leave you free to enjoy the night of Halloween. Flash can be used but daylight is always better to see the detail in their costumes and the smiles on their faces!
  3. If you cannot use daylight try to find a light source instead of using a flash – so use the street lights, or a flashlight. It can add to the mood and make the photos feel even more spooky!
  4. You could also do a silhouette photo of them. Place them against a light source – such as the setting sun and stand facing the light source. Halloween costumes are great to use in this way. If you get them to move around you should be able to put them in a position that you can tell just from the silhouette what they are dressed as.
  5. Once you have the kids ready pick a spot and get a photo of them all together. Now every year on halloween put them in the same spot so you can capture them in the same space! It makes a lovely series of photos for when they are older.
  6. Most smart phones now have night portrait settings, so if you are out in the dark you can use that and should have some success.
  7. Capture more than just the kids, get the detail shots. The decorations, the candy, the wrappers, and the other houses when you go out to trick or treat! And if you can get in a couple do it! You know how much I need parents to be in the photos! If you take one thing from how to capture halloween photos make it this!
  8. If you are like me and struggle to put the camera down set yourself a time limit when you have to put the camera away. Then you can enjoy the time with the kids and of course some candy!

I would love to see how you use my tips on How to capture halloween photos  this Halloween, please share them on instagram and tag me @clairethomphotography. I will be sharing some of mine using the tips above. You may also like some of my other blogs.

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