Marissa Lea Lashes and Skincare

Marissa Lea Lashes and Skincare

Small Business Introduction

I would love to introduce you to Marissa Lea Lashes and Skincare! As a small business owner I am passionate about helping and supporting other small businesses. I love to collaborate and network, and I live by the term community over competition! Therefore, I will be featuring and promoting businesses I love in my blog!

Marissa Lea Lashes and Skincare


Please kick things off with an introduction to yourself and Marissa Lea Lashes and Skincare

Hi friends! I’m Marissa. Wife, Mom, Esthetician, Business Owner & recently a professional friend match maker! I own Marissa Lea Lashes and Skincare, I specialize working with women who are so overwhelmed with skincare & are tired of turning to social media, tik tok, Pinterest and mom groups for advice with 0 results and/or worse skin. I love educating and teaching clients what to use and WHY! It’s so important to know the why. You’re regimen doesn’t need to be perfect but you need to know what your skin needs in the moment. I adore my minimalist clients who want just want a little something something to enhance. I offer lash lifts as an alternative to lash extensions. Lastly, I transform eyebrows! With growth and shaping in certain areas, I can really enhance your best feature (your eyes). With correct shaping, you can look more youthful and awake! Who doesn’t want that?
In my spare time, I also run Katy Moms Night Out. A mom play date group. I host monthly events at local businesses and give women a place to let their hair down & make genuine, meaningful, in depth friendships.

How long have you lived in the Greater Houston area and how long has your business been up and running?

I moved to Katy June 1, 2021 and opened my business & private suite here June 6! Before that, I ran my business in Michigan for 3 years.

What does your business offer the community? What ages is it best for? And what are your hours?

Knowledge and how to navigate a very complicated skincare world. It also gives confidence! The confidence you feel when you don’t NEED make up, is powerful. Look good, feel good are words I live by! Ages are anywhere from teen-mature women. My hours are 10am-8pm Monday-Friday and 8am-12 on Saturdays. Closed on Sunday.

Tell us a bit about you? Do you have kids, how many, and how old are they? Do you have pets?

I have 2 children. Camron (15) and Brayden (11) but my favorite child is my 3 year old pitbull, Mila. I also foster and have found a new love for German Shepard’s. I’m currently fostering my 2nd (Cash, 15 weeks). I also have a black female cat named Joey (Jojo for short)

One thing that people would be surprised to know about you…

One thing people are surprise to hear here in Katy is that I just moved here. My husband came home from work one day in MI and said “let’s move to TX” and I said “okay!” Months later , we closed my business, he quit his job & we left! Sold our home while we were already living here! We knew 1 couple that lived here but no family or anything! Just jumped!!!! And it was the best decision I ever made.

What did you do before you started Marissa Lea Lashes and Skincare?

Before I was an esthetician I was a practice manager for a dermatology office. Thats where I fell in love with esthetics.

Let’s dig a little deeper into your story, has it been an easy path overall, and if not, what were the challenges you have had to overcome?

Absolutely not. I’ve had to overcome a lot of stereotypical hurtles. I was a teen mom, I dropped out of school, I was pregnant again at 21 and married my husband at 21 (7 months after dating)! A lot of these hurtles are frowned upon and really could have taken me down a different road. I refused! I worked hard and sacrificed alot when I was young to now have what I have. I’ve also battled 2 stents of depression. Unfortunately, I’m very hard on myself when it comes to My careers(s) and business. When it’s not up to my expectations, I shut down. Obviously re starting my business, my main priority was to stay out of my head. It’s a daily battle!

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do and what Marissa Lea Lashes and Skincare offers?

I am a firm believer on making genuine connections through honesty, I pride myself and business on that. I will not do anything unnecessary to make a buck. If you don’t need it, we don’t do it. I want women to feel comfortable, confident & beautiful.

What are the future plans and goals for Marissa Lea Lashes and Skincare?

Continuing to grow my business and spreading my knowledge to the community.
If you enjoyed this please check my blog for other business features, and if you would like to be featured don’t hesitate to contact me!
Love & Laughter
Claire x

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