How to store and print your photos – My list!

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Everyone (including me) has lost some data at some point! It is heartbreaking, and while it was difficult at the time I now realise that I have to have more than one back-up in place to ensure I don’t loose it again. That is the basis of this post, to explain how I store and print my photos – because as you are aware they are priceless!

Store your photos

As a photographer you can imagine how many storage devices, and backups I have for my photographs. Until I started to take on clients I used the iCloud available from apple for most of my storage, with one back up on a portable hard drive.

You should always back up your photos, and how I do it is….

  1. I download them from my memory card onto my external hard drive. The one I use is a Seagate 5T, I bought it in Costco.
  2. While I am doing this I am also backing them up to the cloud.
  3. Then I plug in a separate hard drive that backs up my whole laptop. The one I use is a Seagate Back up Plus 10TB, again bought from Costco.

I also don’t delete the photos on my memory card until I have edited and delivered the clients gallery.

Printing your photos

I love printing photos and always have. There are 3 reasons you print photos, 1. Special photos that you would hopefully order from your photographer, 2. Photos that you would like to put in specific frames, and 3. Photo books which allow you to record your daily life.

  1. Special photos. I would hope that you would purchase these from your photographer, the quality of labs that we use really cannot be compared to the normal photo printing available on the high street.
  2. The photos that you would like to print to put into specific frames, I would print through Walgreens in the US or if in the UK through Costco. Alternatively look at the site I have some of these in my home and love the quality and sizes available.
  3. Everyday photos, I have recently started using an app called Chatbooks – this is an amazing app that has prompted me to print 30 photos a month in a small soft back 5×5 book. At present it is $5 per month for a subscription and it includes delivery. At the end of every month I select my favourite photos and send to print and within a couple of weeks I have the book to add to my collection. They have other subscriptions available for more pages, or hardback books. If you would like to try them you can get $10 credit by using my code CLAIRETHOM-EQ6G. Would love to hear if you decide to try any of the above.

Now you have heard how to store and print your photos you may also be interested in some of my other blogs… for tips on booking your post COVID photography session.

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