10 Steps – better photos with your iPhone today

Don’t get me wrong I love my DSLR and would love to have it with me all the time, but its just not practical. So the best camera you can have is the one you have with you! For that reason I have compiled 10 steps – better photos with your iPhone today, so you to get the best out of your iPhone camera.

10 Tips

  1. Compose with a grid. If you go into your camera settings you can turn on a grid view, this allows you to compose using the rule of thirds. This is a technique that allows your photos to gain more interest and be more pleasing to the eye by just placing the subject or focal point where the lines cross.
  2. Exposure. Once you have composed your photo touch the screen and hold then slide up or down to increase or decrease the exposure. This will make the photo lighter or darker. This is important because the iPhone often looses detail in the highlights of a photo by overexposing (making it too bright).
  3. Zoom. If you want to zoom in the best way is to click on the 1x button above the shutter button, this maintains the photo quality by using the second camera. Pinching out continues to use the main camera and can result it reduced photo quality.
  4. Use Burst Mode (or Live Photos) for action shots. To use Burst Mode press and hold the shutter button. Live photos are not captured instead a series of high quality images are saved to the camera roll. If you shoot with Live photos you can still record the action, but the quality won’t be as good.
  5. Shoot in Portrait Mode. This detects the subject edges and blurs the backgrounds. If you have an iPhone 11 you can shoot more than portraits – including pets and inanimate objects. If you have an iPhone XS you can use depth of field control and change how blurred the background is.
  6. Use your apple watch to control your phone. If you follow me on social media you will know that i’m all about getting Mum in the photo. Using your apple watch to control the shutter. You can tap anywhere in the frame to change the focus and exposure. You also have two buttons available, a shutter button and a timer button. The Led on your iPhone flashes when you use the timer so you know when to smile.
  7. Shoot with volume buttons. This has been available for a long time, but is still useful to reduce camera shake especially when taking selfies.
  8. Avoid flash. Whenever possible use other light sources, as using flash is usually unflattering and washes out colour.
  9. Accessories can be helpful to get more from your iPhone camera. One of these is a tripod, another is after market lenses, and a battery pack is always useful.
  10. Experiment. Try new things with your camera, different angles, lighting and shooting modes can produce very different results. See what you come up with. I would love to see tag me @clairethomphotography.
iPhone Photos

I hope that you enjoyed my 10 steps – better photos with your iPhone today, but if you are looking for more information there are always amazing tutorials and tips on the apple website for iPhone and some stores hold in person tutorials, see http://www.apple.com for details.

You may also be interested in how to store and print your photos, find my blog on this here


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