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So, you did the test, you got the result you were hoping for, and your beautiful belly started to grow… now none of your clothes are comfortable and you need something to hug your beautiful amazing body! Which are the best Houston Maternity Stores? To be honest when I started researching the best places to go I found that the pickings are slim! Probably due to the pandemic a lot of the beautiful boutiques have gone out of business. Luckily some of them have gone online. But, there are still some cute outfits to be found if you look hard enough!

Houston Stores that stock maternity clothes


Now who doesn’t love target and their everyday clothing, so it would be the first place to check for maternity clothes. They stock a wide selection of essentials in seasonal colours. http://www.target.com

Ross Dress For Less

Have a small area that stocks maternity clothing, and there are some cute finds to be had! https://www.rossstores.com


This is possibly not the first place you would think to look, but for comfort and value it is worth checking out. Walmart Maternity


If you are looking for clothing for work, or somewhere more formal Loft has a great selection of key pieces that can be mixed and matched. Loft maternity


Have a nice balance of casual and work appropriate clothing to chose from, and of course comfy PJs for all the lounging! H&M Maternity


They have a nice mix of clothing, including seasonal outfits that you must have for that bump! Khols Maternity 

Old Navy

I love old navy for regular workout clothes, and a lot of them come in maternity fit too. Perfect for lounging and living in leggings! I mean who needs an excuse? Old Navy maternity  

TJ Maxx

I have to be in the mood to shop here, but when I am I can find some amazing items. The maternity section can be small, but worth checking out. TJ Maxx Maternity

Although all of the above have some amazing options you may prefer to shop from the comfort of your own home. So you open up your shopping possibilities, most of the above stores have online shopping options and you may want to check out the below.

Neiman Marcus

They always have beautiful clothing and of course they stock gorgeous maternity wear! Neiman Marcus

Online Maternity Stores

Pink Blush

They have a wide range of clothing, including casual, work and formal wear. Whatever you are looking for you should be able to find on this site. Pink Blush Maternity

Motherhood Maternity

Houston did used to have a store, however, it has now closed. But you can still purchase items online. Motherhood Maternity

A Pea in the Pod

Again they used to have a store in Houston, however, you can now just shop online. They have designer clothing for maternity and offer discounts for your first purchase. A Pea in the pod

Although they are not exclusively Houston Maternity Stores, if you would prefer to shop in person and are open to pre-loved items there are two chains that may have items of interest to you.

  1. Kid to Kid
  2. Once upon a child, hopefully there are branches close to where you live.


I hope this helps with your search for stylish and comfortable maternity wear from Houston Maternity stores . I would love to know where you end up buying! You may also be interested in my blog post about socially distanced maternity sessions! Please find the link below, and I would love to be your maternity and newborn photographer. Socially distanced maternity session what to expect.  

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