Socially Distanced Maternity session – What to expect

Family maternity session

A socially distanced maternity session is not that different to a regular maternity session, or a family session. You can see some of my family sessions on my website or on social media. Instagram

On arrival to your socially distanced maternity session.

When you arrive, we talk as normal, I will wear a mask and keep a safe distance. If you have little ones I will talk to them from a distance with my mask down to make them more comfortable.

Start of the session

Family maternity session

I usually start the session with photos of the whole family together, this lets little ones become accustomed to being in front of the camera but with Mom and Dad. I usually try to get a couple of photos with them looking and smiling, but I prefer when I capture the whole family interacting together. So I will prompt you with different things to do so we can capture genuine emotion. I will guide you from a distance rather than physically moving you.

Kids with Mom

Then I will get the kids individually with Mom, hopefully cuddling bump, kissing it or talking / singing to it.

Mom and kids

Kids with Dad

Then I will get a couple of the kids with Dad, usually being silly and having fun.

Kids alone

If the little ones are happy at this point I would try to get a couple of them alone, I do like a good portrait – and I say at every session – ‘can you see the rainbow in my camera’ every session…

Kids alone
Child portrait

Mum and Dad

Providing we can have the kids playing safely nearby I will then capture some of just mum and dad.

Mom alone

Last but not least I capture Mom alone, although this is usually the time that the kids all decide that they would like to be in the photos, which is totally fine, we get more of them together and then move onto Mom alone.

In Conclusion

I have found that a socially distanced maternity session is just as fun and emotive as they always were. If you are interested in a session please don’t hesitate to contact me website. Please also see my newborn blog… What to expect from a lifestyle newborn session

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