Professional photography session – why every family needs one!

There are so many reasons why every family needs a professional photography session, here are just a few..

Family photo Fulshear TX

You don’t print iPhone photos

The photos you take with your iPhone, no matter how beautiful are unlikely to be blown up and hung on your walls! You need to show your children and family how important they are by displaying their photographs for everyone to see!

If you are taking the photos your not in them

If you are taking the photos – you are not in them! I know you have heard this from me before. But it is so important for Mom to be in the photo! Your kids need you to, and you will love looking back at them! Make sure you are in the shot.

Family photo Fulshear TX

Make Memories

The photo shoot time you spend together is also making memories, we have so much fun on the shoot, with lots of hugs, tickles and laughter.

Live in the moment

Live in the moment, we all have to do lists as long as our arms, but if we make the time for this – we won’t regret it!

professional family photo

What will they find?

One day your kids will look for photos of you – what will they find? All our current photos are on Instagram, and Facebook but what good will that do future generations? Make sure your family has printed, physical photos to look back on.

Custom Art

Custom art for your home. We all watch these home improvement programmes on TV and hang generic art in our homes, what if you could have a gallery wall of your family! That you could update yearly or even every 6 months, that would include photos of the kids at different ages. Wouldn’t that be more meaningful than generic art that hundreds of other people look at every day.

Let the professional take over

Taking family photos is not easy, let a professional take over. We can help with outfits, organisation, location. And once we are on the shoot we take care of directing and entertaining, so you can relax and look forward to receiving your beautiful photographs.

Get in touch

If you agree that every family needs a professional photography session I would love to hear from you. For ideas on where we could have the session see another of my blogs … here. And I would love for you to follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

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