Fun Back to School Photos

Fun back to school photos

Fun Back to School photos

Back to school photos are a firm tradition in this house. We all love to capture our kids leaving the house on the first day back after summer, comparing the heights and changes from the years before. However, sometimes the kids are not so keen to cooperate. So I have a few suggestions on how to make it better for the kids, and the photos are sure to give you a laugh in years to come.

Parents Celebrating in front of the kids.

Set up your timer on your camera and have your kids in the background – before the timer goes off jump into the frame hands in the air. It will let you capture your kids surprise and make something funny for them to look back on.

Use a sign

Signs are easy to make / print, and with at your fingertips you can make a very effective poster easily. This could include their teacher, age, what they want to do when they grow up. Or to make it even funnier you could just make a sign saying – Mom forgot the sign.

Capture the mood

We all like the smiling at the camera photos on the first day, but read the room. If that is not how the kids are feeling then capture that. The sleepy faces, yawns and maybe even frowns. These are all just as important as the smiles.

Lawn Chairs at the bus stop

If your kids catch the bus to school you could set up lawn chairs, party hats and drinks. Capture you celebrating at the bus stop with the bus in the background.

Mug Shot

Again with a little on Canvas help you can capture mug shot type photos of your kids which they are sure to find funny.

1st day vs 2nd day

Does anyone else have an issue with the 2nd day back? I feel like I am always rushing around on the second day, whereas on the first day I am perfectly organised. Maybe it should be a photo of the whole family on the second day and show how their morning is going.

Fun back to school photos

I hope this has given you some ideas and I would love for you to share them with me. Either here or in my moms facebook group 

Let me know if you try

  1. Parents celebrating in front of the kids
  2. Use a sign
  3. Capture the mood
  4. Lawn chairs at the bus stop
  5. Mug Shot
  6. 1st day vs. 2nd day

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