My account of the Texas Snow Storm

My account of the Texas snow storm. Last week Texas was hit with a snow storm to end all snow storms! As someone who has only called Texas home for 3 years it was a very surprising turn of events. The initial excitement of snow in Texas quickly wore off.

Puppy in texas snow storm

Texas snow storm – Low Temps

The temps were so low many people experienced burst pipes, and because of the increased energy consumption there were many power outages.

Sunday night it was bitterly cold, and this was when the first big freeze happened. We woke on Monday morning to beautiful snow and very excited children. However, while the kids were playing the adults were worrying about having no power and no water. My husband did everything he could to get us water again, but unfortunately on Tuesday when he got the water going it burst a pipe which resulted in water coming through our living room ceiling. We had 54 hours without power, we were one of the lucky families that managed to get a plumber out quickly. And on Wednesday they managed to get our water going again (I have never been so glad to get a shower).

Recovering for weeks or months

I know that a lot of other people were a lot worse off than us, and my heart goes out to them. People will be recovering from this storm for weeks or months to come.

What I will say is that Texans know how to come together, we had neighbours checking in on us, and friends offering to feed and house us. I saw people helping one another, sharing generators, fuel and firewood. I saw business opening doors as shelters. I saw patience generosity and kindness.

We can do hard things

Was last week hard – yes it was! But it showed us all in another way that we can do hard things! Especially when we work as a team! If we can get through the Texas snow storm we can get through anything! Let me know how you were affected and if I can help at all.

For more information and updates on how the storm has affected families please visit ABC News.

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