Katy Family Photographer – my process

Katy Family Photographer – My process

I am a Katy family photographer based near Houston Texas. My process consists of 7 steps.

  1. Schedule your session
  2. Choose your location
  3. Style your session
  4. Plan your time
  5. Little ones
  6. Enjoy yourself
  7. Choose your art

Step 1. Schedule your session

I suggest getting in touch 1-2 months before you would like your session to take place. This allows for adequate preperation time. I schedule your session for 1-2 hours before sunset. I know this can be a difficult time with kids depending on the time of year, however, it really does provide the best light and therefore result for your photos. I promise that an extra nap will be worth it. And if they decide on the day that they do not want to nap, don’t worry about it. We will roll with it!

Step 2. Choose your location

This is totally up to you – I am always happy to help and can provide a link to some location I use regularly. But if you have somewhere that is special to you then I am happy to accommodate.

Step 3. Style your session

Now you have chosen a location you can choose outfits too. I always want my families to be comfortable. And feel their best. I would recommend dressing up. It is not everyday that you have a professional photo session! You can see my style guide here.

Step 4. Plan your time.

Everything takes longer than expected so plan your ‘getting ready’ time with a buffer.

Step 5. Little ones

Before the session pack a bag with water and some non-messy snacks. If they are too young to follow direction bring any objects that you think might help me get their attention (small toy, stuffed animal). If they are old enough to understand I would explain that a friend is going to take some photos of them, and how important these photos are to you. A lot of my families do something together after the session – dinner, movie, games etc.

Step 6. Enjoy your session

Enjoy your session, have fun with your family and relax. We play games and have lots of laughs.

Step 7.  Choose your art.

Around 2 weeks after your session I will send you an email with a link to your gallery. This will allow you to choose your downloads andyou can purchase art, albums and gifts directly through your gallery.

Katy Family Photographer – conclusion

I love photographing families and their connection. I hope that this has given you an overview of my process, but as always I am available for any questions. I also have a checklist available to make your session as stress-free as possible which you can download here. 



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