Fulshear Family Photographer – Extended Family Sessions

Fulshear Family Photographer – Extended Family Sessions.

I am a big fan of getting the whole family together for a session! I love capturing all generations in one beautiful photograph. In this blog I will go over reasons to book an extended family session with your Fulshear family photographer.

  1. The main reason – we have loads of fun! And it is so nice to capture all ages together!
  2. It is a great excuse for some family time. Often people arrange something before or after so they get even more time together.
  3. It is amazing to capture the different relationships, from mothers and their children, to grandparents and everything in between. And it reminds you of the fun you had during the session.
  4. If you have your family together for another reason why not squeeze in a photo session – if you have them together celebrate it and capture it! I promise that you won’t regret it. (I am Scottish and my whole family is in Scotland and I capture them at every opportunity!)
  5. Legacy, photos are amazing to pass on and share with generations to come.
  6. The photos make easy gifts, and can be used for Xmas cards etc.

Once you do book a family session remember to bring your personalities! One of the most memorable sessions I have ever had included a grandma and her grandson jumping into a lake – in November! It was totally unplanned and made the best memories for their whole family!

During a family the chaos is real – and amazing and I love to capture it! I am always excited about extended sessions – I love all the variety and the personalities that shine through.

The main way to have a successful session with your Fulshear Family Photographer is to trust me. I know it is difficult for everyone to trust me when I have probably been dealing with one of the adults – but by reading this blog you are getting to know a little about me and more importantly what to expect  – so hopefully you will be happy to trust during your session.

Conclusion – Fulshear Family Photographer – Extend Family Sessions

If you can’t tell from above extended family sessions are my favourite and I would love to capture your unique family! I have lots of resources available on my site and you can find ideas for outfits here.

You can also find more details about my sessions here. 

And any time you have questions you can reach me on social media or through my website.




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