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Take the photo… this post is aimed at Dads because usually its Mum that has her phone out capturing moments as they happen, but if in your family it is different – this is aimed at the person who doesn’t take the photos! I am begging you – take them! Please don’t wait for your other half to ask you to take the photo, don’t ask your other half to pose, or pass their phone, just take the shot! In a day that photos are digital and your phone can hold thousands just take it! No-one will regret it!

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Loads of photos of my husband

When I look through our photos there are hundreds of photos of my husband with our kids, but not so many of me. I must admit since the selfie came on the go the number has increased – but not to the same amount as my husband.

Family photo

All you want to do is stop time

As your kids are growing up all you want to do is stop time, or capture them in that moment! However, when you look back you want to make sure you are in the photos with them! I know that my hair is a state, I still have mascara under my eyes and I have on my gym stuff or worse pjs and no bra! But If my kids are loving life, doing something sweet, or even just being with me I would love to have it captured! Its not going to be something you frame and keep on your walls, but when your kids are older they will want to see how you spent your days. So capture the mundane, the fun and the silly. You won’t regret it, and your other half will thank you!

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I know that many people reading this may still be in lockdown (Scotland), and this is a perfect time to capture the little moments. The last time you were locked down it was a novelty and the banana bread, crafts and capturing the different lifestyle you had seemed like a good way to pass the time. Nothing has changed, although it is more difficult this time I am sure that you can find beauty everyday to capture! Or don’t even capture beauty – capture real and raw! Once again I can guarantee that you won’t regret it.

My challenge to you

In a world where you have so much space on your phone to capture these photos, please just do it – take the photo! If it’s you that isn’t in the photos talk to your husband, or parents or anyone you spend a lot of time with, and ask them to start capturing them. You might not love them, but your children will.

A 365 challenge where you capture a photo everyday is a great way to get you in the photos. I am in the middle of one now and am using a great app to keep me on track Collect. Would love to hear if you try one – let me know on social media! I will be posting my first month of 2021 around the end of January.

Find my blog on my 365 challenge during 2020 here.

Collage of family photos

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